Phlebotomy training in Massachusetts

Those who are interested in Phlebotomy training in Massachusetts will find that this training is neither difficult nor expensive to obtain. There are a number of community colleges and other educational institutions that will help one to obtain a degree in this field. Following is an overview of some of the places where one can get training, followed by some good advice on how to choose the right educational institution to study with.

Phlebotomy Training in MA – Where to Study?

There are many options for phlebotomy training in Massachusetts

Those who are looking for a high quality yet affordable course should consider enrolling in the phlebotomy course offered by the American Red Cross in Massachusetts. This course is offered both in Worcester and Leominster and is followed by 100 hours of internship for those who need practical training. The class learning lasts for nine weeks and provides one with certification to work as a Phlebotomist. In order to get more information, one should call either 508-595-3700 or 978-537-3339.

One can also get this training at Health Training Center. This center has campuses in Attleboro, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Lynn, Stoughton and Worcester. There are two courses to choose from; one is a phlebotomy course while the other is a cardio-phlebotomy technician training course. Both of these courses are certificate courses and the center offers interest and finance free payment plans for those who have limited funds. Employment assistance is also provided, which can help a student get an entry level job at a local hospital, hospice, nursing home or other suitable employment venue. To find out more about Health Training Center and what it has to offer, one can call the administrative office at either (617) 868-2111 or (888) 868-2111.

Some community colleges in Massachusetts also offer training courses in phlebotomy. There are many advantages to studying at a community college. The two main advantages are that one will get flexible study hours and be able to pay per credit course instead of having to pay for an entire semester at once. Bunker Hill Community College’s phlebotomy training program is a 25 hour course that not only offers book learning but also hands on training. This college is located in Boston and can be reached at (617) 228-2000. Massasoit Community College in Brockton, MA offers a one semester phlebotomy training course. The entry requirements are quite simple, as one only needs to be of legal age, have a high school diploma and be willing to complete clinical affiliations at a hospital or laboratory five days a week for one month. To contact this college, one can call (508) 588-9100.

Requirements for Taking a Phlebotomy Course

Nearly all educational institutions require that one have a GED diploma and be at least 18 years of age. In some instances, one will need to have a minimum grade point average. It is also common for one to be asked to get a physical examination before being accepted into the course. This physical examination should show that one does not have TB or Hepatitis. One will also need to get the MMR vaccine and a booster shot for Tetanus/Diphtheria.

What to Consider When Choosing a Course

Choosing a course is not easy and there are various factors that should be taken into consideration. The location of the program, its cost and the enrollment requirements should all be considered when looking for a suitable course. It is also very important to choose a course that not only provides book learning but also practical training. Thankfully, most courses provide training of this nature.

Some people who take a phlebotomy course are already certified health care providers. Such individuals simply want to expand their skills and do not need further certification. However, a person who does need certification should make sure that taking the training course in question will allow them to sit for the certification exam. Not all courses meet this requirement, so it is important to find this out before enrolling in a course. If a person intends to study other fields of medicine, then he or she should choose an educational institution that allows for the transfer of credits to another college or university.

Phlebotomy is an interesting field and there are many job prospects for those who are willing to study and work hard. A person does not need a lot of money to study a course of this nature and the study time itself is quite short. However, one should choose a course carefully and make sure that it will provide both the training and practical assistance that he or she will need.

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